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Marketing Pitches

Presentation Sample - FInancial Budgeting with "Financy"


Presentation Sample | Financial Budgeting with "Financy"

The presentation sample decribes the business model of "Financy," a financial budgeting mobile phone application created by myself and four team members. The business model fulfills an unmet need for easy to use financial budgeting with promotional benefits. The presentation was created in 2013 for the Kelley School of Business "Honors I-Core" course curriculum.

Presentation Sample -
"Tour Greece with Aquis"


Presentation Sample | "Tour Greece with Aquis" Marketing Pitch

The presentation sample is a marketing pitch created by myself and two team members, explaining how to better market the Aquis hotel chain to American consumers. We presented the pitch to the CEO of Aquis in Athens, Greece in May 2013. The pitch was the focal point of my study abroad course to Athens.

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