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Creative Design Projects





About Us Brochure | Wellness Origin Spa

This project is a brochure featuring the introductory information on Wellness Origin Spa, including products, services, location, mission, and management information. The PDF is printed into a 4  page brochure when distributed to customers. The brochure is currently in use by Wellness Origin Spa. 

Recipe Book


Recipe Book |Rawkin' Raw Recipes by Claudia Varga

I created this recipe book as a compilation of raw, organic recipes, many of which I have created and photographed organically. The recipe book is currently in use by Wellness Origin Spa, providing customers with easy and delicious healthy recipes. 

Supplement Pamphlets


Supplement Pamphlets | Wellness Origin Spa

These pamphlets include information on a line of organic supplements made by Wellness Origin Spa. I have designed the pamphlets using the same scheme and foundational design as the Wellness Origin Brochure. The majority of my marketing materials created for Wellness Origin's branding strategy were made to correlate with one another.

Spa Menu


Spa Menu | Wellness Origin Spa

This project is a Spa Menu I created for the aesthetics branch of Wellness Origin Spa. The menu features the company's spa services and basic information on the spa. 

 Branding Strategy


Wellness Origin |Logos and Business Cards

To the left are logos I have created for Wellness Origin. From top to bottom, the individual logo uses include: Banner, Foundational Logo, Cover Photo Transparent, Cover Photo, Letter Head.


Below is a sample business card I created. The stone crop plant in the photo is an original photo. 



Wellness Origin |Supplement Labels

I created nine supplement labels currently being used on Wellness Origin's supplement line. Below and to the left are examples of three of them. All labels correlate with the branding strategy of the company, as seen through brochures, business cards, and supplement pamphlets above. 

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